Valley of Tena – Panticosa

Valle de Tena

Excavated in the heart of the Pyrenees, this valley of glacial origin occupies the upper basin of the Gállego river and is surrounded by high peaks such as Collaradada, Tendeñera or Anayet and the great massif of the Balaitus-Panticosa declared Biosphere reserve together with the neighboring valleys Of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.

Glacier erosion has carved a rugged relief of circuses and deep valleys and one of the largest groups of lakes or ibons in the entire Pyrenees.

Thermal springs that give rise to the spa of Panticosa located between mountain iberos and high summits.
The cool and humid climate facilitates grassland vegetation, pine forests, oaks or beech forests.
Small towns of interesting popular architecture, they cross the valley. Some of them were abandoned for the construction of reservoirs and today they recover under the protection of tourism.

Two of the best ski resorts of the Pyrenees Formigal and Panticosa as well as the interesting fauna park of Lacuniacha.

Cultural, sports and leisure activities and all the tourist services that the visitor may wish will ensure a pleasant stay

Valley of Tena – Panticosa

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